“Sexual compatibility”-

You hear it all the time. Talking about just yesterday- you hopped on the early morning metro that runs to your office, you found a seat and ahem– the lady beside you is giggling on her phone.  You tried not to listen but suddenly you hear her boasting “oh nothing! It’s just we are sexually compatible, you know?

Good for her!

The next day you were reading an article online and suddenly you came across another blog on the sidebar – “Sexual Compatibility Is the Key to A Happy Marriage”.

And the incidents just don’t stop. You keep hearing/ reading about the thing every now and then. You are curious and you want to know – “How to be sexually compatible with your partner?” Even sometimes you may wonder – “will the best sexologist near me be able to clear my doubts?”

-The answer is YES!

So What Is Sexual Compatibility Anyway?

Being with someone who understands your sexual needs without even saying a word can be very special.  Someone who just gets you right when it comes to your most private desires, it’s like he/ she is the perfect fit for you. You know you have found the one when there is an undeniable spark between you two. And then you may catch yourself wondering if this is what feels like being sexually compatible with your partner.

You Just Know It When You Are Sexually Compatible With Your Partner –

While “chemistry” defines romantic relationships, sexual compatibility defines something else.  The popular Sexologist in Bihar says there is no specific definition for sexual compatibility. It’s just how your mind and body move in perfect sync with your partner in between the sheets.

Now let’s move on to debunk the myth-

Did you know very few people understand the concept of sexual compatibility? We don’t want you to be one of them who think sexual compatibility means having “amazing sex” all the time. For instance, having an on-off spark with your partner doesn’t mean that you both are incompatible.

It’s Not The Same Every Day-

Both you and your partner have individual lives at the end of the day. Being sexually compatible means having effective communication with your partner about where you both stand when your bedroom stories are concerned. It’s not about feeling the same at any given point in time, it’s about catching on where you left last time.

Change Is Inevitable-

Nothing is constant in life. Not even your ( and your partner’s) sexual needs.  Both of your interests may change with the passing course of time. You guys are sexually compatible if you can understand each others’ preferences and reach greater sexual satisfaction together.

Some experts like top sexologist in Patna also believe that the concept of sexual compatibility is more psychological than emotional.  If you believe that you and your partner are compatible even when you are not on the same page (sexually), you will be emotionally, mentally and sexually satisfied with your relationship.