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Spermatorrhoea Treatment

The term given to involuntary discharge of a large amount of semen when you are awake is spermatorrhoea. It happens without any sexual stimulation. During urination or passing stool or at other times, it happens. There is often irritability and debility of the genital organs after this. It is a disorder known from ancient times. As it normally happens to young boys at puberty, it becomes very bothersome and embarrassing for them. They even have no idea about where to go for help. It will be beneficial if one goes to an Ayurvedic clinic for treatment.

Based on the general condition, disposition and age of the patient, there are variations in the symptoms of spermatorrhoea. The early symptoms are a pain in the head, pain in the back, inability for the exertion and a sense of fatigue. There are more symptoms including dizziness, weakness in the sight, trembling limbs, palpitation of the heart, a pressure in the chest and signs of dyspepsia, as the emissions increase in frequency.

There are different causes of spermatorrhoea. It may be a result of indulging in sexual fantasies. When there is a combination of this with unsatisfied sexual excitement, it creates irritability of the organs. As a result of this, there is an ejaculation of semen even on the slightest provocation. There are also other causes of spermatorrhoea. Excessive intercourse or sexual desire, low water intake and consuming unhygienic foods are some of these causes.

We follow the Ayurvedic and Unani mode of treatment. At our clinic, the best sexologist in Patna treats each patient with the utmost care. There is a detailed discussion with the patients through which they try to understand the exact cause of the problem.

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They will also do some tests. After confirming the cause, they decide the treatment mode. All the medicines they give are made of ayurvedic herbs and other ingredients, which have no side effects. These include Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshura, Guduchi, Kapikachhu, etc. Besides taking these medicines the patients also need to make some changes in their diet and lifestyle.

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