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Treatment of Sexual Problem in Female

A problem during any phase of the sexual response style is a sexual problem or sexual dysfunction. The individual or couple does not get the desired satisfaction from sexual activity due to this. Excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution are four phases of the sexual response cycle. Sexual problems have both physical and psychological causes. A sexual medicine doctor can help one to get rid of these problems.

Sexual problems affect women in a number of ways. The following are some of the common problems related to sexual dysfunction in women:

  • Inhibited sexual desire: A woman loses sexual desire or interest in sex due to this. The factors responsible for a lack of desire are depression, pregnancy, stress, hormonal changes, fatigue, medical conditions and treatments. Some lifestyle factors, as well as a boring sexual routine, can lead to a lack of interest in sex.
  • Inability to become aroused: There is insufficient vaginal lubrication involved with the inability of women to become physically aroused during sexual activity. Anxiety and inadequate stimulation may lead to this condition.
  • Lack of orgasm (anorgasmia): Sexual inhibition, inexperience, lack of knowledge and psychological factors can cause this condition. The other factors behind this are insufficient stimulation, certain medications and chronic diseases.
  • Painful intercourse: A number of problems including endometriosis, a pelvic mass, ovarian cysts, vaginitis and poor lubrication cause painful intercourse. A painful, involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance is known as vaginismus. It is also a reason for this condition.
Best Sexologist in Bihar

Our sexologist doctors ask various questions to a female patient to know the symptoms and also carry out a physical exam. They try to understand the underlying cause of the problem in each case and accordingly decide the treatment method. The treatment options include providing education and distraction techniques, enhancing stimulation, encouraging non-coital behaviours and minimizing pain.

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