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Premature Ejaculation Treatment

In this condition, there is an unintentional release of semen by men immediately after penetration. If you are suffering from this condition, it can ruin your sex life. It occurs when your ability to hold on the ejaculation during the intercourse until the desired time of orgasm weakens. The symptom of this is the incapability of holding ejaculation and it happens within one minute of any sexual intercourse. Another symptom of this condition is rapid ejaculation during masturbation. If it happens every time during sexual intercourse, it will ultimately lead to frustration.

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According to sexologist doctors, there is much importance of early diagnosis for a speedy recovery. There are different causes for this condition. There may be a role of serotonin, a natural substance made by nerves, in premature ejaculation. The time of ejaculation gets short due to low amounts of serotonin and this leads to premature ejaculation. There can be also some psychological issues including stress, guilt, lack of confidence, relationship problems and high expectations about sexual performance. If you have unhealthy life patterns like excessive consumption of food with preservatives, smoking and high use of caffeine, you may develop this problem.

Premature ejaculation treatment is very safe in the Ayurvedic way. It has no side effects as it is totally herbal. The medicines we provide are made of Ayurvedic ingredients and are highly effective in eradicating the problem. Our team of experienced doctors and support staff work in coordination with the patients to successfully treat the problem.

There is an interactive session with the patients to properly understand their mental condition and whether it is playing any role in the problem. If you properly follow the instructions of our doctors and take the prescribed medicines, you will get completely cured and tension-free life.

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