Due to old age and other factors, the size of a man’s penis decreases. This condition is known as penis shrinkage or shrinking of the penis. We will discuss here what penis shrinkage is, its causes and treatments.

Overview and Causes

You can lose your confidence and desire to have sex due to various reasons. Penis shrinkage is on among them. The tissues and testicles of men shrink due to different factors as they get older. This leads to penis shrinkage in men. You can face a lot of problems in having a full erection without any side effects. You should consult the best sexologist in Bihar if you have the symptoms of penis shrinkage. There are different treatment options available for penis shrinkage. They help in enhancing your penis size but you should consult your doctor about the treatment option suitable for you. Ayurvedic treatment helps you to get a long-lasting solution to this problem without any side effects. Ageing, having a bath with hot water, consumption of alcohol, smoking and taking chemical contained medications are some common causes of penis shrinkage.


The doctors can help in getting an effective cure for penis shrinkage through Ayurvedic method, which is completely safe. There are different things involved in this treatment.

  • Ayurvedic Medicine:  An Ayurvedic sexologist doctor will prescribe you effective herbal medicines, which are completely safe. These medicines are the result of extensive research for many years. They are prepared based on Ayurvedic principles and texts. Ayurvedic medicines give different results for different people. An Ayurvedic doctor will prescribe you the medicine after properly diagnosing your condition.

  • Yoga: There are a lot of benefits of yoga for our health. The Ayurvedic specialists suggest some yoga exercises which help to open the blood vessels leading to more blood flow in your penis.

  • Quitting bad habits: There can be penis shrinkage in men due to unmaintained lifestyles. The men who smoke a lot and consume excess alcohol are found to suffer more from penis shrinkage. It can also happen due to consuming chemical medications. If you want to get rid of this condition, avoid all these products.

  • Lose extra fat: Reducing your belly fat will help you to get rid of penis shrinkage as having belly fat can often cause the shrinking of your penis. Getting rid of belly fat also helps you in maintaining both the length and girth of the penis. Try to consume healthy food containing nutrients.

Some important tips from Ayurvedic experts

  • You should only use medicines that contain only natural ingredients as they have no side effects.

  • If you consume some herbs while your treatment is going on, it can lead to increased blood flow to your penis.

  • Try to maintain proper body weight as it has many sexual benefits.

  • There are many negative effects of medicines like testosterone boosters and you should try to avoid them.