I can’t last longer”-

The exact four words we, at the clinic of sex problem specialist, commonly hear from guys after guys during a consultation session. Most of our “patients” sulk onto the couch feeling either extremely overwhelmed or melancholic.  Most of the guys, bothered with their premature ejaculation, have never consulted with a therapist, let alone a sexologist.

Seeking A sexologist’s Help Is Not A Shame Anymore-

What crosses your mind when you dwell on your issue of premature ejaculation? In all probability, you haven’t discussed it with anyone as a matter of consultation. Probably, your significant partner(s) suggested the name of the top sexologist in Patna but you haven’t given it a thought. Why so?  Is it because you feel sexually defeated? Or do your pride, ego and identity often feel injured as well?

Here’s a little ray of hope for you. You are not alone who is facing premature ejaculation.  Lots of other men of all ages, all ethnicities, all professions, all fitness and health levels and most importantly of all sizes are affected by it.

The majority of them have researched almost everything about it, attempted multiple ways to slow down their orgasm and ejaculation. Most have tried different exercises like kegal. Worst case scenario they have avoided every possible chance of intimacy with their partners because they wanted to avoid another disastrous sexual encounter.

It’s A Common Secret Affecting Lots Of Men

Guess what? Ejaculation speed varies and ALL MEN experience “too-fast-ejaculation” at least once in their entire life. (Read that again)

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual concern among men. Therefore, you must not be ashamed of seeking medical advice for it.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Behind It?

According to the top sexologist in Patna the most common reasons are-

  • High level of serotonin in your brain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Unrealistic expectations about Sexual encounter
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Negative body image and other psychological factors
  • Relationship problems
  • Past traumas

You need to understand-

  1. Slowing down your ejaculation is a process. It won’t happen overnight but you can control it if you seek the right treatment.
  2. Meanwhile, you need the willingness and motivation to perform a few prescribed exercises to control your ejaculation and slow down your orgasm.
  3. Besides, it’s a matter of mindfulness and you need an understanding and supportive partner as well who is sensible as well.
  4. Also, you have to stop feeling guilty, unable and most importantly “unmanly” for that matter.
  5. Plus, you need to love and accept your body the way it is. Or else, you can start bettering your physique if you feel like.
  6. lastly, inferiority complex and negative self-esteem are the largest barriers to your cure

During your first consultation session with the best sexologist doctor in Patna, you need to be calm, cooperating, honest and most importantly determined.