Does size matter? – a question that bothers most men at some point. Men often wonder whether they are big enough! Sometimes, this meek forethought can exert some grave influences on a person’s subconscious. Numerous myths are surrounding this subject leading to insecurities and doubts. Some men end up going through risky surgeries and penis enlargement operations to meet their expectations. But the success rate of these operations is questionable and raises mixed perceptions. Although penis enlargement in Ayurveda treatment is safer compared to surgeries, men should know the busted facts behind these universal myths.

Penis Enlargement: Popular Myths Busted

Men keep hearing so much about being large that it creates a void in their mind! The results are devastating when this insecurity leads them into operation theatres. Yes, surgical methods to increase penis size have not been proven much effective and healthy in medical records. So, one should encounter these myths and know the facts before creating a perception!

#Myth1: The Bigger, The Better

A bigger penis does not imply great and satisfying sex! On the contrary, many women have admitted experiencing more pain and less pleasure with a large penis than with the expected size. As per medical studies, the average length of a penis is 3.61 inches when it is flaccid and 5.16 inches after erection.

#Myth2: Surgeries Can Enlarge Penis Size As Desired

One cannot demand the size of their penis from a surgeon. There are a lot of factors that come into play before getting under the knife! Also, these operations have some severe side effects and require heavy medication to balance the change. One can consult an ayurvedic sexologist in Patna to find an alternative option!

#Myth3: Penis Enlargement Devices Are Safe

Many companies and pharmaceuticals also claim to provide desired results through some sex devices and toys. These products are expensive and have not shown any liable outcome in the past.

#Myth4: Surgeries Are The Only Solution

Most men think going through surgery is the only option that can make them big! But, trying Ayurveda is a safer and reliable option available these days.

Risking lifetime health and sex life is not a wise option to try just to add some extra inches! Yes, there is no harm in trying the best sexologist doctor in Patna. The MS Haque clinic has some of the most experienced Ayurveda experts in the service. Taking some natural supplements and using their guidance to observe a difference cannot harm. After all, a man must always have some room for his desires too!

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