Are you new to this whole period thing? Or perhaps your bond with your periods is years old but it keeps changing colors every once in a while. Either way, you might be wondering- how long does a period last for most women.

The fact is there are actually a lot of different period lengths that doctors consider to be normal.  But that doesn’t mean you should just overlook what seems like a weirdly long or short period. Since an extremely long or short period can be a signal that something is wrong with your health.

Before you start wondering – “who is the best ayurvedic sexologist near me?” you need to go over the basics of how exactly a woman’s menstruation works.

Even If You Are Having A Healthy Period, Let’s Brush Up Our Basics- 

Simply put, your ovaries start releasing more eggs during your menstrual cycle. your uterus lining starts prepping up for possible pregnancy. If you don’t get pregnant that month, your levels of progesterone and estrogen start to fall. Plus your uterus lining sheds and you get your period.

Keep in mind that the basic idea of the period is very different if you are using a hormonal birth control method.

No Hard And Fast Rule For How Long Your Period Should Last

But anything between two and seven days is usually considered normal. If you have periods that only last around two days you are on the lightest end of the period spectrum, says the best sexologist in Patna.

On the other hand,  it is also normal to have a period that lasts an entire week.  Once your period starts continuing past 7 days you are technically in the menorrhagia phase. Menorrhagia happens when your period is either abnormally heavy or long or both.

If your cycle is shorter than two days or longer than seven, re-think your health. Your sexologist may want to dig deeper to see what’s actually going on. Especially if your current cycle is different from your regular cycle, you need medical advice.

Many Things In Life, Including Stress Levels And Diet, Can Interfere With Your Cycle

Sexologist doctors in Patna say if it is different for a month and then returns to normal, it is probably fine.

But if the weirdness persists, or you realize that what you thought was normal is actually in the “too long” or “too short” field, it is time to speak with your doctor.

During a consultation session, your doctor will ask a lot of questions about your period, including how long it lasts, how much you bleed, and whether you notice a lot of blood clots. Kindly cooperate with your sexologist in order to seek the best cure possible.