Work stress is a steadfast companion in this competitive world. The closing deadlines, peer pressure, anxiety to get the next promotion and willingness to lead as a successful professional can overshadow your personal life. And you might not see it coming, but it also has a severe effect on your sex life. More often than not, we consider the limited time we spend with our families as a setback of our ambitious jobs. However, our intimate relationship also takes a hit without us realising it before it is too late! If you go to pre marriage counselling centres, you will find doctors explaining how your work stress may affect your sex drive and relationship.

Reasons Why Work Stress Affects Sex Drive

Work stress multiplies when you get limited time with your family and friends. The increased work hours rip you off from the time you could spend relaxing. But how does it impact your sexual desires and performance? Well, health experts have come up with some worthy conclusions.

Impact On Our Nervous System

Enjoying a great sexual experience requires a mind at peace and an energetic mood. When we lead our daily life under consistently increasing stress, our body takes the weight of exhaustion. We feel tired continuously, and it does not feel like engaging in sexual activities when all we are seeking is a peaceful sleep after an exhausting day. Thus, this regular tired routine can rip off your natural sex drive.

Stress Leads To Hormonal Changes

Increasing stress and mental pressure reduce the production rate of testosterone in men, which is the male sex hormone. A long-lasting reduction in testosterone in your body can impact your sex drive and also reduce libido. This problem is a natural cause of poor sex life, say ayurvedic sexologist doctors for male.

Reduced Closeness Is Challenging

Work stress will make you work for hours and occupy your mind with unnecessary thoughts. And as you fail to dedicate your time and emotions to your partner, the closeness starts drifting apart! The lack of emotional intimacy is a challenge!

The Bottom Line

Fluctuations in sex drive are common, but you need to seek counselling and help when things fall out of control. You must communicate with your partner and work it out as a team. Also, consulting an expert ayurvedic sexologist in Patna at the MS Haque Clinic would give positive results. You can try some exercises and ayurvedic supplements since they do not have any side effects. After all, balancing ambitions and emotions is the goal!


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