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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There is difficulty in having and maintaining a firm erection by a man during sexual intercourse in erectile dysfunction. There are different physical and psychological causes behind it. Obesity, diabetes, constriction in blood supply, hypertension, low testosterone, anxiety and depression can lead to this condition. If you have the following symptoms, it means you have erectile dysfunction. It would help if you consult a sexologist doctor.

  • Despite having an orgasm, you have the inability to develop an erection
  • Until the desired moment, there is the inability to hold the erection
  • While developing a penile erection, you feel pain
  • There is an obstacle due to the curved shape of the penis

This condition is very common in men.

For the successful treatment of this condition, the therapist must understand the root cause of the problem. This condition can develop due to both physical and psychological causes. There are different methods of diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. There is a vivid examination of the affected area by the best sexologist in Patna at our clinic. There are also multiple diagnostic tests to understand the actual cause in a particular case. The treatment is done according to the cause of the problem.

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Proper counselling of the patient is necessary to boost his confidence and provide him with the necessary support. The therapist also checks the blood vessels to know whether the blood flow is proper or not.

There are various ways in which a patient of erectile dysfunction can get benefits from Ayurvedic and Unani treatment. It is safe to take Ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction as there are no side effects. It goes to the root cause of the problem and cures it completely. Ashwagandha, shatavari, safed musli, etc. are some effective Ayurvedic medicines. Besides taking the medicines, you can also do some yoga. It will help in getting more effective results.

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