Don’t we talk about ED a lot?  We bet you just opened our blog page and most of the contents you see are giving some info or the other on erectile dysfunction.

Well, what else are we left with?  Our best sexologist doctor in Patna often deals with patients who claim ED to their biggest secret. This is the most talked-about sexual ‘problem’ and many men around the world are dealing with their daily guilt due to this.

Can you relate to this? Is it your body or your brain?  There are lots of cases where your brain becomes the culprit and your erection takes the beating. Read this blog before you (and your partner) spend another day blaming your body and fate.

What are the mental blockages?

Depression and pills-

If you are going through depression, you might be taking anti-depression pills without even realizing what it is doing to your body. You find it difficult to get an erection most of the days. Antidepressants can work havoc on your entire nervous system.

Negative body image-

Do you always feel conscious about your body? Or is it about your partner’s judgment?  Do you always feel the pressure of ‘performing’ in a certain way?

Sex and unrealistic expectations can ruin a healthy relationship altogether. Unfortunately, many sexologists often observe it to be the obvious reason for ED.

Relationship problems-

Every relationship goes through some issues now and then. Relationship issues might take a toll on your mental stability. You might be under stress and that can easily hamper your erection.

What are the physical barriers?

Alcohol substance-

Are you under the heavy influence of alcohol? You might face problems to achieve an erection.

Obesity –

If you are overweight, you have a chance to suffer from poor erections.


There are certain medications that can impact your erection capabilities. Search for the best sex problem specialist in town and consult for the best solution.

Prostate problems-
It is another case of not attaining a proper erection.

A Few Natural and Safe Solutions To Overcome ED-

Healthy Eating – Follow a healthy diet. Use herbal supplements to improve your sexual health.

Avoid Alcohol: Avoiding alcohol can help you improve your erection levels.

Yoga: Regular yoga practice can improve your sexual health.

Kegel: Kegel exercise is a proven method to improve erection.

However, if you are not able to get a solution on your own, you can always search like “who is the best ayurvedic sexologist near me” and find a solution.