No one wants to sit and talk about their deepest sexual anxieties; unless they are talking to a sexologist they have taken an appointment with. On the other hand, seeking the help of a sexologist is also a tough decision that one takes after a lot of dilemmas.

Yeah, no matter how sad it sounds, consulting a sexologist has still not become such a liberal thing in some states of India. Though people are becoming broad-minded, they are learning to accept their own bodies and desires in a natural way. They are becoming more open to receiving sex education and these are positive signs that our generation is growing.

That is why new-gen sex therapists are getting to attend more of their patients who want to talk about their sexual concerns and worries. The patients talk about lots of things both good and bad. For instance, they talk about things like pleasure, kink, orgasm, intimacy, orgasm. While on the other things they also talk about the less fun things like insecurity, inadequacy, unwanted pain. Low sex drive, dysfunction, inabilities,and what not!

In today’s blog, we are going to reveal some of the craziest questions our sexologist doctors in Patna have to deal with on a regular basis. Turns out, no matter what kind of sexual problems you are going through right now, someone (or more than one) is there who has the same issue as you.

You are clueless about what you are doing

Well, most of the people are. They are left to their own state to figure out what sex is actually like. In most of the cases, the knowledge comes from less-than-appropriate places, like unrealistic erotic stories you have read or the videos you have seen on the adult site.  These things make way for too many myths to count.

So if you feel like you have no idea what you are doing with your most private desires, you are not alone.

You feel pressured to ‘perform’ sex in a certain way or amount

Oh, this can’t be truer! It especially happens to people who have listened to too many unrealistic ‘concepts’ and bullshit ‘theories’ are going around nowadays. Besides, this also happens to people who have been fat-shamed or skinny-shamed for quite a long now. Commercial TV ads, mainstream movies, and TV shows have brainwashed people to look a certain way, behave in a certain way, and be in a certain way.

A reputed and well-experienced sexologist in Patna also reveals that many patients also worry that they are straight-up bad in bed.

The most common question our sexologists get is that “How to know if I am good at bed?’

You need to understand that “good sex” is a very subjective matter. What worked for your last partner might not work for your present partner and you need to accept that everyone has different desires. This is not as simple as your personal skillset you showed at your work interview.

According to the best ayurvedic sexologist in Patna, being ‘good’ means consensually communicating and exploring what feels good, both physically and emotionally. It’s about connecting on a special note which strengthens your bond further.