WORKAHOLIC. Whoa! That was the exact word your boss complimented you with the last Friday when it was past 9’o clock and your colleagues headed to the nearest pub.

But you dodged their invitation because you had some work, even when it’s a Friday night!

Obviously, your boss was impressed!WORKAHOLIC. Ouch! Your partner threw the word on your face the last Saturday when it was past 9’o clock and you were still working on your laptop while seating on the bean bag placed beside the fireplace.

Obviously, your partner was annoyed!

“Stress is the biggest threat to your libido”- says the best sexologist in Patna.

And your work might be the biggest source of stress right now.  You might not realize that your entire libido is going totally into your work life rather than your sex life.

This has been the case of many hardworking and professionals couples who are in love with their work or who are having great professional responsibilities.

If you are a workaholic and you have got no interest in intimacy, read this blog.

How to have a sex life when you are a workaholic?

Have a work-life balance

Have you ever tried to look at your life in percentages? For instance, what percentage are you investing in your personal life? While it is not possible to break it down in a ‘50-50’ ratio at least try to have a ‘40-60’ ratio between your work and your life. The key is to strike a balance between both the versions you know.

For a moment, think about SEX!

A reputed sex problem specialist explains that intimacy doesn’t have to be calculative. It can’t be more than true. But you can at least try to think about the opportunities you can grab while dealing with a hectic schedule. Here are a few self-quiz for you to evaluate your chances.

A: When do both you and your partner get some quality time to spend together?

B: Usually, when does your work end?

C: When does your personal time start?

If the answers are blurry now, take your time to create the boundaries and lines. Keep in mind no one is going to remind you to focus more on your personal life. It’s totally your call to make the difference.

Have separate numbers for both work and home

Drawing a line between your personal and professional life is not that easy. Often it gets way too clumsy and we totally get it! Reputed sexologist doctors advise taking your first step by separating your work phone and personal phone. And we are not speaking about two different SIM cards; we are talking about different devices!

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