“An unplanned pregnancy is just not my jam” – said one of our patients during a consultation session with our reputed sexologist in Patna.   New-age women are just not ready for unplanned pregnancy anymore. Gone are the days of lack of proper planning and/or precautions. These days, women are very serious about their reproductive power and they know when they want a baby and when they DON’T!

Yes, you got it right. We are talking about birth control methods here. To be more precise, we will be talking about the vaginal ring in today’s blog. The vaginal ring, also known as the NuvaRing has a lot to offer. However, the righteous use depends on what exactly you are looking for. Here are five important things you should know before using one.

  1. A flexible plastic loop that goes into your vagina and BLOCKS your way of getting PREGNANT!

Only if you want it for the time being! A vaginal ring uses progestin and estrogen to keep your uterus unoccupied. No matter how many myths are doing the rounds on the internet. Installing a ring inside your vagina is totally like taking a hormonal birth control pill in another form.  The vaginal ring has estrogen which suppresses your ovulation and your ovaries don’t release eggs for sperms to fertilize.

  1. The vaginal rings help with painful and heavy periods 

Thanks to the vaginal ring’s progestin for this one. Progestin influences how much of a lining your uterus builds up and you can have a lighter period than usual. Less uterus lining means lesser period cramps. So the ring is really a win-win- says the sexologist doctors in Patna.

  1. The same size fits everyone (‘s vagina)

The best part is that the ring is flexible. So it can stretch and bend to fit inside anyone’s organ. However, if you have a vaginal delivery with a comparatively big baby, you might need to check with your sexologist before putting it in.

  1. You don’t have to keep your ring in the fridge before you use it

Okay, so lots of you have heard it before. There are many blogs that suggest keeping the ring inside the fridge before using it. You don’t need to do that but make sure the pharmacy you bought it from, did it. However, there are particular guidelines for pharmacists as well.

  1. You can control your periods with the ring

Yeah. You read that right. The ring uses a combination of estrogen and progestin to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. When you take off the ring, the effects won’t last. Therefore, if you want your period to arrive earlier than usual, you can remove your ring. Put on a fresh one again when you want to skip your cycle.

However, you should research on Google using terms like “ayurvedic sexologist near me” and consult with the doctor first!